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Shiny Sales [FREE COURSE]

Sales and Money Mindset Course 

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“Erin is intuitive AF and is so good at getting to the root of any BS and help with healing- this is the transformational work! Working with Erin I have done a lot of the necessary healing work around money and I’m wayyy more confident and knowledgeable about the sales process. After the first Shiny Sales call I raised the price of my intensive by $1000 and immediately sold it. ”- Megan Baker

Human Being Club

Human Being Club is a high-vibe coaching community for womxn who are doing the INNER WORK needed to expand into their highest potential.

These womxn are stepping into leadership, have big ideas, and are willing to be uncomfortable as they grow. They want to feel expressed, of service, AND abundant. And, they want to be surrounded by other powerful womxn doing the work too. 

Human Being Club is a place where we can heal our pasts, learn from our present, create our futures, together. 

Copy Power Hour

[Currently booking for November and December 2020]

In the online world, your words are what SELL. 
... or at least they should. 

If you need some help making your copy SHINE, I've got your back.  

I work with people who are doing GOOD WORK in the world, and I mean that in 2 ways.

1. You're in integrity. What you see is what you get. Your clients are treated with care and respect.

2. Your work matters. You're helping people develop and the world become a more positive, inclusive, conscious space.

If that sounds like you, I'm ready to go. Whether you're coach, consultant, plumber, speaker, author, strategist-- if you're here to serve this world, I'm here to serve you. 

Shiny Marketing

When your marketing works, selling is easy. 

After almost a decade of supporting online business owners (coaches, experts, service providers + strategists) with their marketing strategies, I've finally decided to take all the info in my head and pour it into a training! 

This is for business owners who want to know: 

  • Popular marketing techniques, how and why they work, and how to apply them to your business
  • How to choose a marketing strategy that's right for you 
  • How to make consistent marketing fun and easy  
  • The long term Shiny Strategy that makes any marketing you put out there more meaningful 


Warning: This is not your typical plug + chug marketing training. This training is meant to share how I think about marketing and give you strategies you can immediately implement to create content that converts.

Sales Strategy + Money Mindset Intensive

Ready for 1:1 support to grow your business? 


The Sales Strategy + Money Mindset Intensive if for folx who are ready to up-level... and I don't just mean more sales. 

Women who work with me are ready for: 

- More RECEIVING across the board. Money, love, recognition, visibility. 

- More GIVING. They're here to serve, they have something to give, they know that the bigger their impact is, the better. 

The name of the game is expansion, baby, and it looks different for everyone. 

Better Coach Training

The biggest room in the world? The room for improvement. 

- Helmut Schmidt

You’re a good coach. 

And, there’s always room to get better. 

I repeat: This is about getting BETTER.
It’s not about being perfect, it’s about progressing. 

Better Coach Training™  (BCT) is a recorded video training  to build upon what you know and make sure you’re at the top of your coaching game. 

Consider BCT the “Continuing Education” credits that everyone should be required to get but … coaching is an industry with no rules so it’s up to YOU to seek out curriculum to help you be BETTER. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in Better Coach Training™ : 

  • Teaching(/Advising/Mentoring/Strategizing) vs Coaching
    Get clear on what you’re doing and when so you can own your skills and charge for it
  • The Selling Mirror
    What you can learn from how you’re selling that’s directly related to your coaching style (and how to sell in a way that will show off your skills without coaching everyone you meet)
  • How to incorporate permission into your coaching model
    To build trust, get consent, and create healing containers that avoid harm
  • Building your awareness muscle
    So you can own your shit and not project it onto your clients
  • Going deeper + holding space
    How to ask hard questions and know when to ask them to get the best results and facilitate transformations for your clients

  • How to navigate the healing work that comes up when womxn coach womxn
    We’ve all heard of “Daddy issues,” it’s time we look at healing the mother wound. (This isn’t totally woo either-- this is about people projecting their feelings on you and how to navigate with solid boundaries so you don’t lose sleep over other people’s stress) 

  • How to Effectively Sell Coaching Services Training where I’ll teach you how to make “talking” - more valuable than “doing” so you can sell your coaching packages with ease
  • My Better Coaching Call Framework the process I walk clients through for maximum results 

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