Shiny Sales [FREE COURSE]

If you can sell*, you can do anything. 

*with integrity
*with confidence
*with ease 

My guess is, you started a business because you’re passionate about using your gifts to change the world. 

You want to touch the lives of thousands of people, have your voice heard, and help your clients/readers/audience improve their lives. 

You want to be seen and known for the thing you do and the excellent way you do it. 

You want to earn the income you need to have a beautiful life, give back in the way you choose, and create a reality where you have more than enough money coming in at all times. 

And you want to do it all while being creative, traveling the world, and raising your babies (whether they be fur, human and/or plant).

And what "having it all" takes, is having the confidence to ask for what you want and the ability to create feel-good equally-energized containers with people. AKA SELLING. 

But, making more money is trickier than you first thought. Not because it’s “hard,” but because it’s complicated… 

    • Turns out, all of your money shit is related to your childhood. #awkward So, if your parents were super controlling with money, if you felt guilty for spending, if you earned money only to have it taken and used by the family - you’re gonna need to work through that to make more money in your business.

    • Any off-balance relationship tendencies you have will be illuminated when you’re stuck in the fear of “being too salesy.” The key to being good at selling is to not be worried about coming off a certain way because you know you’re deeply rooted in service and can trust that the other person can take care of themselves. (Codependent anyone?)

    • We live in a world where talking about money is RUDE, especially for women. How much do you make? How much does it cost? We label and compare everything as expensive or inexpensive, too much, not enough, who does she think she is? And then, we don’t sell because we’re afraid that everyone is going to do that to us. 

So, yeah. It makes sense that making more money in your business takes a little more “work” than you originally thought. And, a different kind of work.

What I’ve learned over my 8+ years in business helping hundreds of business owners increase their income is that the BEST way to amp up your sales game, is to take a dual approach

Hey, I’m Erin Lindstrom, Sales Strategist, Coach, and your new best friend. This sales stuff is my jam, because sales is about receiving money, and receiving money about receiving love. Basically, money is a mirror we can use to HEAL. YOUR. SHIT. And sales is the perfect jumping off point. 

What I mean is this: as kids we look to our parents for safety. Then as adults we look to money for safety and guess what-- we tend to copy and paste everything we learned about one to the other. 

So, here you are building a business thinking you have a sales problem so you commit to showing up more, learn all the things about copy and marketing, and HUSTLE to make it work. 

But, honey bunny, if you don’t look at your money shit, nothing else you’re doing matters. It’s only when you do the mindset work in conjunction with the sales strategies that things really take off and you consistently make the money you desire to make. And this is the basis of the Shiny Sales Approach.  

The Shiny Sales Approach blends practical, straight forward sales techniques AND deep, transformational money mindset work. 

When you do this work together, you don’t just become a better salesperson, you become a better version of YOU.

And when that happens you:

  • Close sales with ease because you know how to effectively run a sales call that FLOWS

  • Create a lifestyle for yourself that helps you feel more abundant and in turn create more abundance (yes you can feel good AND watch your income increase- it’s fun!)

  • Consistently continue to develop personally and professionally as you start to understand yourself and how your thoughts, beliefs, and history are impacting how you’re interacting with the world
  • Have the resources to give back in abundance picking and choosing the causes you care about and helping to make a difference
  • Build a SOLID business that you can scale and grow creating jobs for other women who want to make an impact in the world

  • STOP stressing about money once and for all because you know you are sourced by source and you have faith and trust that the Universe has your back the same way that you do.

Sound good to you? 

If you’re thinking ‘YASSSSS QUEEN’ then Shiny Sales is right up your alley. 

Shiny Sales is a hybrid course-coaching program where we’ll cover:

  • Awakening Your Money Consciousness so you can identify the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are no longer serving you and LET. THEM. GO.
  • High Vibe Sales techniques so when you sell it feels SO GOOD because it’s from a place of service and not neediness.
  • Words and Worth, my take on the energetics of your copy and how to write words that sell AND feel like you.
  • Funnels and Feelings, my simple breakdown of what a funnel is and how it works both in relationships and in sales (surprise: it’s the same thing)

  • Outsourcing Your Sales, from funnels to sales people it’s all about the energetics, baby. We’ll talk about how to hire, troubleshoot, and make the smoothest transition possible. 

And, I’m offering it FOR FREE.

In addition to the course, you’ll also get access to FREE coaching calls from time to time. 

The value of this course is easily over $2000. 

My ask? 

  • You pay it forward. How do you want to give back to your community? Share your magic. 
  • If you find it helpful, let me know. 

All you have to do is 


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