Erin Lindstrom
Human Being Club

Human Being Club

ALERT! ALERT! You're a human being.

I repeat, you are a human AND a being.

Hanging out in one body, for the rest of your life...

Wild, right?

Some people just hang out in the human space. They focus just on their feelings and reacting to what's happening in their world...

Others hang out in the being space. They're spiritual, hang with their inner guides, and feel deeply connected to God/The Universe. 

I believe that for the most "success" in our lifetimes, it takes a combined approach to get (and give) the most in this lifetime. 

Human Being Club is a high-vibe coaching community for womxn who are doing the INNER WORK needed to expand into their highest potential.

These womxn are stepping into leadership, have big ideas, and are willing to be uncomfortable as they grow. They want to feel expressed, of service, AND abundant. And, they want to be surrounded by other powerful womxn doing the work too. 

Human Being Club is a place where we can heal our pasts, learn from our present, create our futures, together. 

Human Being Club includes:

- 2 Monthly Coaching Calls where we can work through whatever you're going through right now

- 2 Monthly Woo Calls where Erin and guest facilitators will walk you through healing modalities and exercises to strengthen to your being-ness to better deal with the human stuff that comes up 

- 1 Incredible Community on FB where we'll gather and share about the work we're doing and get and give support to and from each other 

Calls are hosted on Wednesdays at 1pm est and call recordings will be provided. 

Membership is a 6 month conscious commitment. This means, when you join HBC, you're saying YES to 6 monthly payments of $197 and then we'll do a conscious check to determine if both parties would like to continue. 

Human Being Club Calls are on Wednesdays at 1pm EST and last 60-90 minutes. 

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