Sales Strategy + Money Mindset Intensive

Ready for 1:1 support to grow your business? 


The Sales Strategy + Money Mindset Intensive if for folx who are ready to up-level... and I don't just mean more sales. 

Women who work with me are ready for: 

- More RECEIVING across the board. Money, love, recognition, visibility. 

- More GIVING. They're here to serve, they have something to give, they know that the bigger their impact is, the better. 

The name of the game is expansion, baby, and it looks different for everyone. 

In The SS+MM Intensive, we dig into YOUR vision. What are you on this planet to do? What do you care about? What do you feel called to create? Then we look at how we can market it (get it to the people who need it) and monetize it (so you're compensated for your work). 

We think big. We draw outside of the lines. We figure out the what before the how. 

Then, we create a path. What's next? What's actionable? What's fun and easy? 

And, a care plan, so to speak. What's gonna get in your way? What kind of support do you need? How can we set you up for success? 

And bonus, you have me as your shiny support system for the next month while you take the plan and integrate, delegate, and create. 

Have questions or want to chat about it? Book a consult here. 

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