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Copy Power Hour

Copy Power Hour

Now booking for Nov/Dec 2020

In the online world, your words are what SELL. 

... or at least they should. 

If you need some help making your copy SHINE, I've got your back.  

What does "Shiny Copy" look like? 
- It sounds and feels like YOU 
- It positions your offer as THE offer to solve the specific problem you help with 
- It's strong, confident, and compelling (without being sleazy, manipulative, or shame inducing)

I work with people who are doing GOOD WORK in the world, and I mean that in 2 ways.

1. You're in integrity. What you see is what you get. Your clients are treated with care and respect.

2. Your work matters. You're helping people develop and the world become a more positive, inclusive, conscious space.

If that sounds like you, I'm ready to go. Whether you're coach, consultant, plumber, speaker, author, strategist-- if you're here to serve this world, I'm here to serve you. 

Here's how it works: 

1. You purchase a Power Hour 

2. You'll get access to your Power Portal where you'll fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your project

3. You'll book a call time with me

4. On the day/time of our call, we'll pop on Zoom, I'll ask you some questions and then I'll get to writing. At the end of the hour we'll pop back on Zoom, I'll read you your copy, you'll cry tears of joy,* and then I'll share the Google doc with you so you can run with your new copy into the sunset (or sales page, whatever floats your boat!)  

*Tears of joy are optional-- 8/10 clients do legit cry on our calls-- you do you though-- there's no pressure to cry :) 

What can we do in a Power Hour Session? Here are some ideas...

  • Create core messaging statements, bios, and pitches
  • Write/Revise articles that you'd like to get published
  • Rework your website copy so the people who view your website actually convert
  • Look at your sales funnel and optimize for more conversions
  • Tweak your webinar script so people actually buy
  • Update your nurture sequence so new leads become customers faster
  • Create blog and social media posts that speak directly to your ideal client's sales objections
  • Brainstorm FB Live topics that will tie right into what you're selling (yes, we can write scripts too!)
  • Rework your sales pages so they're more powerful than ever
  • Batch your newsletters so you never have to think about 'em
  • Write a sales script so you (or anyone on your team) can give the perfect pitch for your offer
  • Bring your book manuscript to life (wouldn't it be easier to work on if you had a solid intro and outline?)
  • Write a eulogy/maid of honor speech/the best damn holiday cards you've ever sent 

Here's what our clients are saying about Power Hours:

“She just gets it! Knowing how to sell your own stuff is one thing but Erin is a BEAST when selling for others. She brings that brilliance coupled with her ability to tap into what you truly want to bring out in written form to create copywriting masterpieces.” -Jereshia Hawk,

“I felt 100000000% seen, understood, and supported by Erin - and in a fraction of the time it would have taken myself to wade through it all or someone else. A friend who went through the Power Hour before told me I would cry because it's that good, and honestly I thought she was a bit crazy - it's just a quick copy power hour, after all - but she was right. At the end, I had actual tears in my eyeballs. That's how on point Erin was with her copy and understanding of my brand and mission. So basically, just stop wasting time already and book your session and then make sure you have tissues on hand at the end." - Allie Morris Nute, Verb House Creative

- "Just do it! Erin has a way of understanding your business & brand, then infusing that brand personality into your copy." - Yasmine Salem Hamdan, Coaches + Co. 

- "STRAIGHT MAGIC. Phenomenal. Exceeding expectation. WORTH EVERY FREAKING PENNY AND THEN SOME." - Alyssa Houseknecht, 

- "This was FIRE AF.... it was the surge of energy & clarity that I needed to push forward! At this point - you can't afford NOT to do this." - Jasmine P. Green

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