Better Coach Training

Better Coach Training

The biggest room in the world? 

The room for improvement. 

- Helmut Schmidt

You’re a good coach. 

And, there’s always room to get better. 

I repeat: This is about getting BETTER.
It’s not about being perfect, it’s about progressing. 

Better Coach Training™  (BCT) is a recorded video training  to build upon what you know and make sure you’re at the top of your coaching game. 

Consider BCT the “Continuing Education” credits that everyone should be required to get but … coaching is an industry with no rules so it’s up to YOU to seek out curriculum to help you be BETTER. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in Better Coach Training™ : 

  • Teaching(/Advising/Mentoring/Strategizing) vs Coaching
    Get clear on what you’re doing and when so you can own your skills and charge for it
  • The Selling Mirror
    What you can learn from how you’re selling that’s directly related to your coaching style (and how to sell in a way that will show off your skills without coaching everyone you meet)
  • How to incorporate permission into your coaching model
    To build trust, get consent, and create healing containers that avoid harm
  • Building your awareness muscle
    So you can own your shit and not project it onto your clients
  • Going deeper + holding space
    How to ask hard questions and know when to ask them to get the best results and facilitate transformations for your clients

  • How to navigate the healing work that comes up when womxn coach womxn
    We’ve all heard of “Daddy issues,” it’s time we look at healing the mother wound. (This isn’t totally woo either-- this is about people projecting their feelings on you and how to navigate with solid boundaries so you don’t lose sleep over other people’s stress) 

  • How to Effectively Sell Coaching Services Training where I’ll teach you how to make “talking” - more valuable than “doing” so you can sell your coaching packages with ease
  • My Better Coaching Call Framework the process I walk clients through for maximum results 

Investment is $497.

Better Coach Training™ is for: 

  • Trained (and untrained) coaches who are working with clients 
  • Service providers who are stepping into coaching their clients more and more 
  • Business owners who want to add coaching/consulting services to their offerings 

Better Coach Training™ is NOT for: 

  • People who think they know everything 
  • People who know everything 
  • People with no interest in coaching 

This is not another training about WHAT coaching is, this is an actionable training of HOW you can do it better immediately. 

(Please note, there are no refunds due to the digital nature of this training, but I have tons of happy clients.

Better Coach Training™ is intellectual property owned by Erin Lindstrom. You may share what you learn with proper attribution with individuals but you may not teach this content as your own. 

Send questions to hello@erinlindstrom.com :) 

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